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Margot Cohen
My life in Goch
Burning of the synagogue
Flight to the Netherlands
Refugee Orphange
My Foster parents
The invasion
The rescue
After the war
My request

Margot Cohen

After the war

I was thirteen years old when the war came to an end. We stood on the streets to greet the Americans, they stopped their tanks and gave us chewing-gum, canned conserves and dried egg. Now there was finally enough to eat. Papa “Is and Annie wanted to help me and started writing letters, to trace my living relatives. So it was that I found out that my parents had last been seen alive in the Ghetto at Lodz (1).

My brave brother Herbert perished in the Auschwitz concentration camp on the 10th of October 1944 after having first been at Westerbork and then Theresienstadt for several months. They were able to trace an aunt Lenchen** in Haiti who was prepared to take me into her care. I cannot remember packing, I just could not understand why they no longer wanted me. Then I went by ship to my aunt in Haiti. We later re-located to the USA. There I would meet my husband Irwin. We had two children – and later were blessed with seven grandchildren.

Elise und Jakob Cohen
Herbert Cohen
Elise Cohen
née. Kern
killed 7.5.1942
Chelmno (PL)
Jakob Cohen
killed 7.5.1942
Chelmno (PL)
Herbert Cohen
24.10.1944 Auschwitz

Emil Kern
Caroline Kern
Emil Kern
declared dead

Grandfather of Margot
Caroline Kern
  née Sonnheim
KZ Gurs

Grandmother of  Margot

Fate of family members in the Netherlands

  • Edith and Gottlieb Franck
    were the children of Margot´s aunt Berta Franck, née Cohen, and her husband Paul. The family lived in Düsseldorf. In the Beginning of 1939 the parents sent their children to the Netherlands to safety. On the 19th of January 1939 they came tho the house of Jacob de Wijze in Nimegen, a cousin of Jacob Cohen. On the 23rd of January they were taken to a Childrens home (Quarantine Beneden Heijplaat, Quarantainestraat 1, Rotterdam) in Rotterdam. On the 27th of Marh 1939 Edith was taken to a Childrens home for girls at Rapenburgerstraat 171 in Amsterdam. Her brother Gottlieb went to the Childrens home for boys at Amstelstraat 21 in Amsterdam. In 1943 they were deported via Westerbork to the death camp Sobibor and were killed shortly after their arrival on the 5th of March 1943.

    Their parents were deportet to Minsk in 1941 and died.

  • Erich Cohen
    Erich Cohen was a cousin of Margot and Herbert. His father Abraham Cohen was a brother of Jacob Cohen, father of Margot and Herbert. Abraham Cohen and his wife Else lived in Kaldenkirchen close to the dutch border. When Abraham Cohen returned from Dachau at the end of 1938, he decided to send his son to saftey in the Netherlands. He send his son Erich to his uncle Jacob in Goch. On the 29th of December the children arrived in the Childrens Refugee home Soesterberg. Like Herbert and Margot he went to a Childrens home in Amsterdam (Burgerweeshuis, St. Luciensteeg/Kalverstraat 92, Amsterdam). On the 20th of October 1939 Eric moved to Appeldoorn to live with fosterparents. He stayed until March 1940, when he went back to the Childrens home in Amsterdam. Shortly after the invasion of German troops in the Netherlands, he was taken on one of the last "Kindertransports" to Great Britain. He stayed for some time in another childrens home, until his uncle Joseph came and took him to his family home near London.

    Eric's parents Abraham and Else Cohen were taken from Kaldenkirchen to Ghetto Riga in December 1941. Eric´s mother Else died on the first of October 1941 in Concentration Camp Stutthof. The time and place of death of Abraham Cohen is unknown.

  • Jacob de Wijze
    Jacob de Wijze (21.4.1891 Beugen) was a cousin of Jacob Cohen. Jacobs Cohens mother Henriette and Jacob de Wijzes mother Sibilla, née Devries ,were sisters, who were born in Kaldenkirchen. Jacob de Wijze moved from Boxmeer (NL) to Nimegen (Pontanusstraat 27). He was a cattle dealer and was director of an Abatoir. During the war many refugee children lived at his house. In 1942 he and his wife were taken to Camp Westerbork (NL). From there they were deported to Auschwitz, were they were murdered on  arrival on the 19th of february 1942. His three children survived the war.

Herzogenstraße 8

Edith Franck

Edith Franck
Flight to the Netherlands
killed 5.3.1943

Gottlieb Franck

Gottlieb Franck
Flight to the Netherlands
killed 5.3.1943

Erich Cohen

Erich Cohen
Childrens transport
Great Britain

Annie van Praag - Yadvashem

Jacob de Wijze
with his wife Sarah and his children
 Elly, Kitty und Louis

Created by:
R. Warrener
Text from:
Tamara Eichhofer und Alessandra Crotty - nach Judy Hoffman, Joseph and me, In the Days of the Holochaust, KTAV Publishing Company Inc., 1979, ISBN 0-87068-655-0
Graham Warrener
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