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Margot Cohen
My life in Goch
Burning of the synagogue
Flight to the Netherlands
Refugee Orphange
My Foster parents
The invasion
The rescue
After the war
My request

Margot Cohen

Flight to the Netherlands

After the events of that night, my parents decided that it would be safer to send me and my brother Herbert to live in the Netherlands, even if this meant them be separated from us. They stated planning things and as Goch was very close to the border they were soon able to implement their plans. Before we realized what was happening, our mother had packed two small suitcases for each of us and told us repeatedly that we must not be afraid. She told us that she would come to collect us as soon as possible so that we could all travel together to England.

Our father brought u to the railway station and helped us on to the train. He said that we would soon be reunited. As the train drew out of the station we waved and waved until we could no longer see them. Then we turned to each other, at home Herbert had always argued with me but now he just sat next to me holding my hand tightly. I did not want to cry – and nearly managed not to - but as I spoke Shema tears ran down my cheeks .

Bahnhof Goch 1908
Station Goch about  1908

From this station in Goch Margot, Herbert and their Cousin Erich Cohen
left Goch for the Netherlands.

Herzogenstraße 8

Gocher Bahnhof 1908

Each child had only one small
suitcase for all their posessions

Eric und Herbert Cohen

Margots brother Herbert*
and his cousin Erich Cohen from Kaldenkirchen

When Jacob and Elise Cohen decided to send their children to safety in the Netherlands, Jacobs brother Abraham decided that his son Eric should leave Germany as well. Eric joined his cousins in Goch.  A friend of Jacob, Gerhard Vondermans and his daughter, intended to take them over the border. The first attempt didn´t sucdeed, because customs police stopped them. They tried again later and at the end of december they reached Nijmegen (NL), where a cousin of Jacob, Jaap de Wijze took them in for a short time. From there they were taken to the Jewish Refugee Orphange Soesterberg near Utrecht on the 29th of December 1938.

Created by
R. Warrener
Text from:
Tamara Eichhofer und Alessandra Crotty - nach Judy Hoffman, Joseph and me, In the Days of the Holochaust, KTAV Publishing Company Inc., 1979, ISBN 0-87068-655-0
Graham Warrener
B1 - StAG - Bahnhof Goch
B2 - Bildsammlung R. Warrener (fotografiert im Museum Westerbork)
B3 -  Herbert* und Erich Cohen ( aus einem Bild des Jüdisch Historischem Museum in Amsterdam JHM-00004527_b)

* Aufgrund der Ähnlichkeit ist zu vermuten, dass es sich auf dem Foto um Herbert Cohen handelt.