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Margot Cohen
My life in Goch
Burning of the synagogue
Flight to the Netherlands
Refugee Orphange
My Foster parents
The invasion
The rescue
After the war
My request

Margot Cohen

The Invasion

On May 10th 1940, Germany invaded the Netherlands. I didn’t like the Germans. When Papa “Is” and Annie talked about them I became scared. Gerda and I sat very quietly together, because we sensed it wasn’t the time for fooling around or being disobedient. The Germans introduced many new regulations and restrictions for us Jews. This changed life with Papa “Is”. When it was bedtime Papa “Is” would bring me to bed, whilst Gerda waited with Anna in another room.

“Margot it is time we talked about you being Jewish, It is very important that you always remember that the Germans do not like Jews and that counts for you too” He told me that the next day I would attend a new school. This new school was only for Jewish children, because that is what the Germans wanted. He told me that if I made the effort and worked hard then I could start learning to read again. Papa “Is told me that from now on I would have to wear a yellow star. because the Germans would jail any Jews they found who did not wear a yellow star. I thought wearing the Star of David would be okay, because all the children at school did so. There were 42 pupils in the class, but at the end of the week there were only 6 left.

Judenstern Amsterdam

Coth with jewish stars in the jewish Museum Amsterdam

Yellow stars that had to be worn by Jews in the Netherlands
from May 1942, if they were above the age of six years

Herzogenstraße 8

Topasstraat 14 Amsterdam

Jewish Star

Created by:
R. Warrener
Text from:
Tamara Eichhofer und Alessandra Crotty - nach Judy Hoffman, Joseph and me, In the Days of the Holochaust, KTAV Publishing Company Inc., 1979, ISBN 0-87068-655-0
Graham Warrener
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