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Margot Cohen
My life in Goch
Burning of the synagogue
Flight to the Netherlands
Refugee Orphange
My Foster parents
The invasion
The rescue
After the war
My request
Margot Cohen

My Life in Goch

Hello I’m Margot Cohen and I was born on the 15th of September1932 in Goch. My parents Elise and Jacob Cohen always cared well for my brother Herbert and I. We lived at  Herzogenstrasse 8 next to the synagogue. My father was the caretaker. We were not very well off and lived in three rooms above the Jewish school.  I liked it there and enjoyed life as it was.

Margot Cohen
Margot Cohen in front of the Steintor (Stonegate) in Goch

Herzogenstraße 8

Herzogenstraße 8 - Synagoge

Margot lived with her parents in the community building of the jewish community in Goch (former jewish school)

Elise und Jakob Cohen

Elise and Jakob Cohen

Herbert Cohen

Herbert was Margot´s older brother

Created by:
R. Warrener
Text from:
Tamara Eichhofer und Alessandra Crotty - nach Judy Hoffman, Joseph and me, In the Days of the Holochaust, KTAV Publishing Company Inc., 1979, ISBN 0-87068-655-0
Graham Warrener
B1 -Fotomontage R. Warrener, Fotohintergrund StAG (Bild Margot - Ausschnitt aus einem Bild des Jüdisch Historischem Museum in Amsterdam
JHM 00004527_q )
B2 - Elise und Jakob Cohen StAG - Kennkarten
B3 - Herbert Cohen - (NL-HaNA Justitie/Rijksvreemdelingendienst 2.09.45. inv. nr. 492) Miriam Mijatovich-Keesing